Sunday, June 19, 2011

Diary of a fat girl

Diary of a Fat Girl was seriously going to be the title of my first book. I have the table of contents and the first three pages saved on my laptop. However, tomorrow is going to be the day of deliverance! I am not into the name it claim it and blab it grab it christian campaign but, I am truly starting a new day tomorrow (or shall I say one more hour).
I have kept food journals, read food magazines, tried food diets, clubs, read books, tried exercises and of course ate whatever and whenever i felt like. Still I remain the same. "ME"
I think that is my final excuse. I am ME.
I know we can get into some deep psychological, deep rooted non sense of what people gorge on Taco Bell (my weakness) and binge and purge (tried that once, I love food to much). But, in reality my reason truly can stem from busyness. I am too busy to do anything else.
So starting in 63 minutes I am going to be a new ME! I might not look different (at first) and I don't have a magic potion to turn into swim suit girl, but what I do have is a God that makes impossible, POSSIBLE and great friends and family.
I have to say that I have grown attached my roll (spare tire) that is somewhat located in the midsection of my body, but we are saying farewell. Tomorrow is a new day and HIS mercy is new (THANK GOD, cause you do not want to know what I ate for dinner!)


Germaine said...

Looking forward to reading your great new adventure! *Waving little flags with your face on it* You Can do it!

Norene Fritz said...

Hi, Michele, I can relate. I will be praying for you. If you need me for encouragement or just want to talk, you have my e-mail address and phone number. "Today is the beginning of the rest of your life. God bless. Much love and hugs.