Monday, August 10, 2009

Preperation H

I was just sitting here preparing for Honduras and I thought I would jot some of my thoughts down.
I am leaving in two days for my first missions trip and I am very excited. More nervous, because I do not speak Spanish fluently. I know the Lord will equip me!
I am teaching the kids on the armor of god "armadura de Dios". I remember praying a few years ago for God to use me. It has been a continual prayer, that God use me in any area He sees fit.
How awesome God is! He has used what the enemy meant for death to reverse my pain and destruction for good. Four years ago a drug addict and now I am traveling telling people about Jesus to little kids and working in full time ministry.
--even though my days seem chaotic and fast even to the point to forgetting to breathe, Jesus continues to be faithful and omnipresent "knowing my every thought".--
I thank God for that.

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