Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Starbucks Addict & a funeral

Coffee shops give a distinct smell. I know, I would know this because..??? I spend a lot of time in coffee shops, coffee huts, coffee stores...and for the smell, its leaves you smelling like fresh brewed java! I should invent a coffee java perfume and make millions. I truly am addicted to coffee! and books just to throw that in the mix.

On a more serious note, I went to a funeral today. One might call it a sad day and want to feel sympathy which is what normally happens during this time. But being at the funeral today stirred up such a tenacity within me to pour my life into others. Brother Paul Hamlin, within the short time that I knew him had so much joy that it poured into my life. At his funeral today, showed a legacy and a Christ centered life that I love to have and I long for.

Much to say, with tears of sorrow and tears of joy, today I have been given a gift to have known him.

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The_Doves_Promise said...

This is Mandi (Rank), I came here to read the poem you linked to and was pulled into reading the "java" entry. The way you write is really electric, if that makes any sense. Keep writing, I'll keep reading. lol I write poetry still,... and it's still dark, depressing and sad, that's just me, so I did and will probably have difficulty understanding or sympathizing with your poetry. That doesn't mean I don't appreciate it's literary brilliance and melody I just don't feel happy things in literary terms, lol The words are pretty, but I loved your "java" entry tremendously. Let me know via the facebook, whether or not I have permission to book mark you darlin', but like I said, keep it up your brain is beautiful. (-: