Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Deep Breath of God

It was about 7 am and I could feel the brisk cold air hit may face as I was standing once again at the bus stop. I love living in the city, I watch people drive pass on the way to work. I wonder where they are going, what life they live, what their children look like. As deep within my being I feel the presence of God. The living God is resonating within my being. As the sun rises it feels as if the earth is revolving vastly around me, yet my life is going oh so slow. I think that there are days lately that I have surreal moments and the epiphany awakens me that “Everything is going to be ok” I love how God works that way sometimes; just when you think that life is over as you know it, nothing is going the way you think it should and the enemy is at your heals day after day, God, in his amazing glory, gives you a glimpse of a sunrise. A cold, enlivening, breathe taking moment and you take a deep breathe of God. There are days when I don’t feel worth, beauty, I don’t see Jesus around me but, then there are days like today when the Detroit city lights whirl around the people mover. My friends laugh over silly jokes, I feel like I am in the center of Gods will and I pray for a homeless man outside begging for change. I thank God that I have life today and that truth wells in my soul.

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