Saturday, July 30, 2011

Good and Gooder

Well the healthy eating is still in progress...I have been exercising to Shawn T dancin and groovin. It has been a hilarious workout every morning since I have no groove. Aside from eatin, I have another fork in the road.
I remember a great man of God say that as a Christian we know the difference between good and evil. Along our journey though we will come to a fork in the road where we have to chose between good and gooder. Sometimes God's perfect will in our lives is not that clear, fireworks don't go off and trumpets do not sound. Two choices are before us that seem great kingdom building opportunities, yet we have to choose which is the path for us.
For example, I have the opportunity to sing with the worship team and church or help the youth every Wednesday night. Both are great evangelizing opportunities yet I have to choose which is for me. At these moments in life I wish God would send me a memo and say "Michelle, pick this...go this way...choose this".
Sometimes there is no flash sign above the pathway, we need to listen to his still soft voice. Look past what I want and pray for what God wants. So...God what do you want?

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